2 Juillet 2015

Publication sur l'expérience ALI

Une publication de plus à mettre sur le compte de DECLIC & du CADMOS!
Image de l'expérience ALI


"Weightless experiments to probe universality of fluid critical behavior": il s'agit d'une nouvelle publication de l'ICMCB, et elle est disponible ici !


Near the critical point of fluids, critical opalescence results in light attenuation, or turbidity increase, that can be used to probe the universality of critical behavior. Turbidity measurements in SF 6   under weightlessness conditions on board the International Space Station are performed to appraise such behavior in terms of both temperature and density distances from the critical point. Data are obtained in a temperature range, far (1 K) from and extremely close (a few ?K)  to the phase transition, unattainable from previous experiments on Earth. Data are analyzed with renormalization-group matching classical-to-critical crossover models of the universal equation of state. It results that the data in the unexplored region, which is a minute deviant from the critical density value, still show adverse effects for testing the true asymptotic nature of the critical point phenomena.

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